Our Agencies

The Charles E. Lakin Human Services Campus is an innovative and cost-efficient complex of five unique agencies focused on providing critical services for children, the homeless and near homeless, families in crisis, mental health, addiction treatment, disaster response, core education and volunteerism. Through this combined effort, we change lives.

Our Founder

Charles E. Lakin, husband to Florence Lakin, is a philanthropist dedicated to improving the well-being of others through his charitable donations and a focus on civic engagement. The great vision and drive he embodies helps to secure and safeguard the future of those in need for many generations to come. 

Partner Agencies


The Charles E. Lakin Human Services Campus has many wonderful partners who help serve both the community and the community members within. Partner organizations help broaden our scope of impact and assist us in better improving our community. Each is picked to help satisfy specific community needs and we are grateful for them all.